Breathe In

Last month I got participated in my first world map project at a friend’s site up north. Read more about it here!


This story is written for the prompt ‘regional success story’, sent out by Peace Corps Madagascar.

If you were to line up the Peace Corps volunteers of the north, what would you see? The obvious at first: some tall, some short. Mexican American, Indian American, Dutch American, freckled. Cheesy smiles, laughs, a few glares, and maybe a scoff. You might guess by their attire who is artsy, analytical. It will be clear who is fashion impaired. Your intuition might point out the art history major or the one holding a law degree. You have been so focused on what distinguishes them you can’t imagine what they have in common. What is the glue keeping this grab bag of shapes together.

What keeps them together is what keeps them alive. What drives them.  It’s as if they breathe it. To them, curiosity is right next to oxygen on the table…

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