Good News!

I withdrew from my school a few days ago, and it was the best hard decision I have made.
I also got my first taste of Minneapolis theatre last night, in a small garage band style space that held a youth production of Ashman and Menken’s Little Shop of Horrors (that’s the second show in two days I’ve encountered that was part of my theatre past…I wonder if the universe is communicating with me…). There are SO many positive opportunities for young people to perform in the twin cities. It just makes me so happy!!!
A) I found it amazingly refreshing to watch local theatre without knowing any of the faces or names or having a history with any part of it. It was…exciting. 
B) I was blown away by the talent and ease of the “kids” on stage, performing vocally and emotionally challenging roles that I’ve seen many adults fail at. That, right there, is proof of the goodness of theatre: passion + talent + community = well done live theatre. 
C) I LOVED how original the production was, and I have seen this show on three other occasions, and they have all striven to be like the original, voices and moments alike. It was fresh. And fresh is tasty.

Tonight, I have a one man show in store for me. I try not to analyze these things too much, because then I know I will end up hating much more than I should, myself included in that list.


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