What’s in the news today?

A fourteen year old girl goes on a diet–in a children’s book.

Bill Clinton’s a Vegan.

Celebrity this, celebrity that.

Social networking is harmful.


Maybe I was a sheltered kid and as an adolescent, really stayed in my own bubble, but as I get older and become an “adult” (whatever that is), I am growing sadder and sadder at the state of the world around me. And feeling more and more helpless because I can’t change that. Even with God in the equation, the state of things is the state of things. So how can one possibly have a chance at happiness when every habitual nature of human beings is becoming detrimental to each self, each other, and the planet? De-pressing. I don’t have an answer. I really don’t.

Instead, I have decided to take a break from social networking–if I can’t change the world, I can change myself, at least temporarily, and ignore the rest of the world while doing it! Hah. I will go one week without checking Facebook, without reading daily blogs and tweets and feeling like my brain is wiring in ten thousand different directions all at once.

In place of mind grumbling brain scrambling, I will read newspapers, every day, some on paper, some on-line (because we only get the Times once a week). And I’ve decided that for every article I read that makes me want to cry, pull my hair out, or do ten hail Marys, I will find a positive, uplifting article to read to remind me that the world is not ending because of mechanically processed chicken, for example.

I started this morning, and I want to share the articles I have found:

#1-Hail Mary Full of Grace, What Is This World I Live In? (take a look at the side articles as well)

#2- Uplifting (a truly touching story)

#3- Yay, Human Rights and Progress!!

I also got to spend this past week with a wonderful little man, nine months old and discovering life for this first time. This is Lydon, and for him, I want the world; a clean, genuine, unspoiled world. I pray this is the case.


Author: melbell51

Aspiring travel writer and slow nomad.

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