Walk, Walk, WALK

(And now the word looks as if it has a different meaning entirely..)

Today I went for a walk, and I let my dog stop and smell for as long as she liked. This reminded me that I should also stop and smell the world around me.

The sights and smells of New England are still new to me; even though I was born here, I compartmentalize my childhood into the back of my brain, so I can’t associate that with right now.

I think so many of us do that, as if forgetting the past will make the future more attractive.

But so we also forget the present.

Everything from planning to praying makes the future more attractive, but no matter how strong our will, we cannot will the future.  It is, after all, “Thy will be done” and as easy as that sounds, leaving it all up to God is like teaching Chinese to control freaks.

So what happens when our worlds spin out of our control?

I was lucky enough to go to the Van Gogh exhibit in Philadelphia two days ago, and however sad his life was, however much he tormented himself in his mind, I am in awe of how he saw the world.  Blades of grass and irises and sheaves of wheat danced for him and comforted him, and I bet he wished he could dance back.

I do believe that we can dance with nature, if we let her take the lead. Her secrets are infinite and her beauty enormous.  We are nothing but dancers here, after all.


Author: melbell51

Aspiring travel writer and slow nomad.

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