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Last night, I was lying in bed, wide awake per usual as of late, thinking about outlets. I began this blog back in July in order to document my internship experience at The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, but what ended up happening was a whole lot of soul searching that I was not prepared for, and I projected all that onto the blog, which in retrospect, was a pretty healthy way of coping with the chaos of growing up and having to make really difficult decisions.

For my twenty-first birthday, which is tomorrow (woah), my big sister got me this book, chock full of advice on how to survive your twenties. Twenties. That decade has become such a grab-bag of connotations, and now I belong to the hodge-podge. Honestly, I have no idea where I’d like to be six years from now, nor can I predict the future, as much as I have tried (believe me, I’ve tried). 

But one thing I think is that I have enjoyed blogging and would like to continue doing so. Why?
1. Because I enjoy writing
2. Because I like taking and editing pictures
3. Because I love to observe life’s details and expand their worth in my head
4. Because it keeps me sane
5. Because I love over-sharing. Don’t you?

I also think it’s wise not to invest in vague ideas of where we want our lives to go, because all we can control is what’s in front of us. After all, we’re not the strategists; we’re merely the chess pieces.

Somebody’s been reading a bit too much Tolstoy. 

Have you ever seen a shitzu take a bath? You really should.

“I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough.” Albert Einstein


I am still fundraising to spend next Fall in Israel at Ben-Gurion University. Please help me get there!
God bless you!


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