Backpackers Unite!

Backpackers unite!
Crowds of tall, blonde and
curly, strong merry wanderers,
balloon pants wave and
tattoos adorn.

See their beards and long hair
blow in the dusy wind,
Lit cigarettes fall to the earth
beneath elephant feet
and ancient temple sand-stones.

“Another beer, please!” They cheers–
Proust! Salud! from the balcony
as dark skinned locals pour
them shots
and dance
the merengue.

The List

“One, two, trois!”
Take a photo, quick,
before you get elbowed away by eager tourists
out of the spotlight.

Here it is, folks! The famous TOMB RAIDER temple.
Never mind that it honors the Buddha,
a Hindu god incarnate.
as if spray graffiti and internet memes mark
the spot.
Quick! Take a picture!
It might


Author: melbell51

Aspiring travel writer and slow nomad.

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